Reflecting on the early 2000s, the process of applying for a new connection at the Goa electricity department was a lengthy ordeal, and lodging a complaint could seem like an endless wait. It’s not about blaming the system of that era but shedding light on the department’s technological limitations, particularly in communication. Nevertheless, amidst these obstacles, there was a spirit of resilience.

People would persistently dial a common number until they finally heard the ringing tone, enduring the frustration of constant engagement signals. This challenge was compounded during the rainy season when telephone lines frequently went down, leading to a truly dire situation. Even paying the Goa electricity bill had its own journey during those times. But that was the reality back then.

Fast forward to 2024, and for someone who has witnessed Goa’s technological evolution across departments, an intriguing incident occurred recently. Let’s switch to it.

Goa Electricity Department Complaint:  

Over the years, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the quality of setup and on-ground support provided by the Goa electricity department, especially in key cities across Goa. However, there are still numerous villages in remote areas of Goa that continue to experience power issues, and I’m confident that the team is actively addressing these challenges. There’s speculation that the Smart City initiative will further enhance the city’s power infrastructure.


A few days ago, there was a sudden power outage, and just across the street from my house, a transformer burst, emitting sparks. I immediately dialed the consumers care number and was relieved to find the call promptly ringing through. Thanks to advancements in technology over the years, contacting consumer service now feels akin to calling a modern call center, with minimal wait times for assistance.

Skilled Personnel and Local Language Assistance at the Goa Electricity Department

When you’re making a call, you’re seeking either a solution or reassurance that things will be resolved. Upon dialing, a person promptly answered the call, initially speaking in English and then transitioning to the local language. Since my complaint pertained to the aforementioned issue, they attentively gathered the necessary details and assured me they would register the complaint after verifying if there were any existing complaints in the area.

This marked a significant improvement from the previous system where multiple complaints could be lodged. Once they confirmed that no previous complaint existed, they duly registered mine and instructed me to note down the complaint number.

You might wonder why not note it down during the call. Perhaps it’s because some people prefer the traditional method of jotting it down which was a prudent approach, particularly in areas with unstable network coverage.

However, after the call ended, I received the complaint number through SMS.

What struck me the most were the articulate and proficient local professionals who conversed fluently in both Konkani, the native language of Goa, and English. This linguistic versatility enables them to address consumers’ complaints effectively in either language. In fact, several weeks ago, during another inquiry, I called the Goa Electricity department consumer care number and was pleasantly surprised when the representative politely said, “Please allow me to place you on hold while I consult with my senior.” This instance clearly demonstrates the Goa electricity department support team’s enhanced capability to handle inquiries promptly and efficiently.

Following Up Efficiently: The Goa Electricity Department

Within 5-10 minutes of lodging the complaint, I received a call from a local lineman along with his support staff who promptly inquired about the issue. Since they were in close proximity to the location, they quickly attended to the matter. Upon assessment, they identified that the required repairs involved two levels: one at the transformer area and another at the top of the pole.


Given that they had traveled by bike, they assured me that they would return post-lunch with the necessary equipment to address the situation. Trusting their assurance, I allowed them to proceed. As the evening progressed, around 9 PM, I contacted them to inquire about the progress. They responded, confirming that they had arrived and resolved the issue.

Exceptional Feedback System Implemented by the Goa Electricity Department

The feedback from consumers is crucial for any service provider. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the consumer support of the Goa Electricity department about 30 minutes after lodging my complaint. What stood out to me was the seamless operation of the entire system. From handling the initial complaint to gathering consumer feedback, everything was managed efficiently by competent and detail-oriented staff. I hope they continue to impress consumers with their dedication to service. This department has consistently impressed me over time, much like the postal service I previously praised for its similar level of efficiency and customer care.

Safety Training and the Value of Life in Electrical Service

Let’s acknowledge it, without electrical power, nothing gets done. I deeply respect the dedication of the technical staff who tirelessly work to ensure that work continues uninterrupted despite electrical issues. Given the high rainfall in Goa, the workload for linemen is considerable. One area where I believe the department and its staff need to prioritize discussion is the concerning rise in fatalities in Goa. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a significant number of deaths among electrical staff in the state. Here’s one recent example of such an incident.

Hopefully, the Goa Electricity department will prioritize training staff in safety measures and implement regular safety checks to mitigate these risks.

Important Numbers for the Goa Electricity Department

  • Goa Electricity Department Customer Care: 1912 or 0832-2490800
  • Goa Electricity Department Bill Payment: https://www.goaelectricity.gov.in/New_Payment_Page.aspx
  • Download Goa Electricity Bill:  https://www.goaelectricity.gov.in/payment_home.aspx


Image Credit: CoPilot

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